Our National Anthem

South Africa’s national anthem is an amalgamation of “Die Stem”, written by C.J. Langenhoven, and “Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika”, written by Enoch Sontonga.

Langenhoven and Sontonga were both born in 1873.

Sontonga wrote “Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika” as a hymn.

Langenhoven also wrote the original poem which would later become “Die Stem”, as a hymn.

Enoch Sontonga’s wife, Diana, died early. Sontonga died in 1905 and was bured in the “non-white” section of the Braamfontein Cemetery. They had one son.

CJ Langenhoven died in 1932, but his wife, Lenie, lived until 1950. The couple had one daughter, while Lenie also had children from a previous marriage.

The Langenhoven Commemorative Fund wishes to remember both Sontonga and Langenhoven for their contributions to our literature and to our national anthem.

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